Delightful Health 1oz Bottle CBD-6 Oil

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Single 1oz bottle of CBD-6 Oil

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Single 1oz bottle of Delightful Health CBD-6 Oil. A natural, vegan-friendly formula with no fillers or extracts. Best taken sublingually for maximum absorption. Aids in overall healing of many aspects of the body. 250 mg per container and lasts approximately 10 days.


MCT Oil, Water, Citric Acid, Stevia, Xanthan Gum, Proprietary Emulsifier Binder, CBD (Cannabidiol), Natural Flavors. The exact composition of the Emulsifier Binder is a trade secret in compliance with paragraph (i) of 1910.1200 CFR 29.

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions1 × 1 × 2 in

Honey, Berry, Cinnamon


THC-Free (0% THC), Full Spectrum (Up to 0.3% THC)

4 reviews for Delightful Health 1oz Bottle CBD-6 Oil

  1. Etta Douglas

    This oil and the balm are awesome. I am a diabetic, among other things. I have found that these products have made me feel better. My sugar is controlled. Also my foot swells and is painful due to neuropathy. I rubbed my foot with the balm and the swelling went down, redness totally gone. I highly recommend these products.

  2. Angela Mia White

    I have been using this CBD product off an on for months now. 1. I love the taste of it. 2. I love the lemonish scent. I think its lemonish. 3. I love that it is homemade and I know where it is coming from and that is coming from love. I have noticed a difference with a bump on my left knuckle. I would take it as a daily regimen in the beginning and I now notice it has receeded. Elyssa and Dane know alot about CBD products. It is their passion to serve humanity in this way of using natural products of the Earth. I love that too. Elyssa is also a very generous individual and leads with her heart. If you are looking for natural ways to heal, this product is a no brainer for you to use. Thx Elyssa and Dane!

  3. Joseph Rock

    I have been enjoying my cbd 6 very much, I find it helpful when I have an upset stomach. It was very helpful when I had a toothache and couldn’t get to the dentist right away. And I love it for daily use, it helps take the edge of of the social anxiety I sometimes deal with being in a very public work setting. I highly recommend it and know there are so many more uses for cbd 6.

  4. Mary Amelung

    Can’t wait!

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